Guinness Cast Iron bottle openers

Below is a list of some of the main type of my Guinness
cast iron bottle openers. As there are some variations of
the same type of opener, eg: size of letters on opener,
length and registration numbers. If you have any questions
regarding any of the openers below, I would like to hear
from you and remember I will always TRADE !!!!

Thanks for looking!!!!

Click here to see the way I distinguish types

Dogs Head Guinness (one side ) Dogs Head Bass (other side) flat head type
Dogs Head Guinness (one side ) Dogs Head Bass (other side) looped head type
Guinness's Stout  (one side)  Dogs Head Brand (other side)  (looped head)  RARE!!!
Guinness for Strength  (one side and the same on the other)
Guinness's (one side) Compass Brand (other side)
>Guinness<  (on both sides) (type 1)
>Guinness<  (on both sides) (type 2)
Guinness Stout (one side) Bulldog Brand (other side)
Burkes' (one side) Guinness (other side)   (type 1)
Burkes (one side) Guinness (other side)    (type 2, smaller size)
Burkes (one side) Guinness (other side)    (type 3) 
Burkes (one side) Guinness (other side)    (type 4) (this one is a harder type)
M.B. Foster (one side) Bugle Brand (other side) M.B. Foster & Sons were a bottling Co.
Baby Bulldogs (same on both sides) this is a brand of Guinness beer.
Beaver (one side) Brand (other side) Very old brand of Guinness beer 1900's
Guinness (same on both sides & has nickel finish)
Dogs Head Guinness (one side) Dogs Head Bass (other side) has recessed panel.
Guinness Stout (same on both sides) is chrome plated and block letters.
"Guinness" (one side) "Marco Mono" (other side)
Dogs Head Guinness (one side) Dogs Head Bass (other side) long handle & large writing.
Guinness is Good for You (same on other side) RARE broad handle type. !!!!
Guinness Stout (one side) Bugle Brand (other side) & has Fosters written in a bugle shaped head across the top with RD702661 (1920's)
Guinness (one side) Stout (other side) handle is shaped like a bottle RARE!!!!!!
"Guinness"(one side) and "Ross's"  on the other side 
If you have any other different types of Guinness opener
I would appreciate it if you could EMAIL me and tell me what it looks like!!