New Zealand

Cast IronOpeners

I have had alot of people ask me whatbrandscome from where, so I have

made up a couple of pages that I hopewill help you find where that particular

opener comes from. This page is for New Zealand openers that I have in my collection.

Just Remember that I will always TRADE

If there is any thing that you would like a scanned picture of,PLEASE ASK !!!!

 Type B 89mm Ballin Bros LTD  / Blank
 Type E 90mm Beehive Ale / Beehive Ale
 Type C2 89mm Beehive  /  E.T. Taylor& Co Ltd  (has Ales and Stouts written on either side of head)
 Type B 89mm C & E  /  Ale &Stout
 Type C2 85mm C & E  /  Ale &Stout
 Type E 90mm City Brewery Ltd  / City Brewery Ltd
 Type  E 99mm C.Mc Millan & Co LTD  /  > Auckland <
Type A 91mm E.N. Jones  /  B P Auckland
 Type E 90mm Fiji Beer  /  Fiji Beer
 Type A 86mm Goodwin Davy&Co  / Hawera
 Type  E 98mm Grey & Menzies Ltd /Grey & Menzies Ltd
 Type E 99mm Grey & Menzies Ltd  / Blank
 Type D2 90mm John Reid & Co  / - Auckland -
 Type D 91mm Harley & Sons  / Ale & Stout
 Type G 91mm Imperial Ale / Imperial Ale
 Type C 99mm Innes  /  For Quality
 Type B 98mm Innes for  /  Quality
 Type E 78mm Innes’  /  For Quality
 Type G 91mm > Lanes <  /  Bottled Sunshine
 Type E 98mm Lanes Ltd Dunedin / Lanes Ltd Dunedin
 Type C 95mm Lanes Ltd Dunedin / For Quality
 Type C2 85mm “ Lion Ale  /  “ LionStout “
 Type G 91mm > Lion Ale <  /  > Lion Ale <
 Type G 91mm - Lion Ale -  /  PilsenerLager   (R.D on Lion side)
 Type G 91mm - Lion Ale -  /  PilsenerLager  (P.T. on Lion side)
 Type E 98mm x Marvel x  /  x Marvelx
 Type C 99mm Mac Ewans  /  Pumps
 Type G 91mm M.B. & T. Auckland  /  M.B. & T. Auckland
 Type B 91mm Mauri Brs & Thomson Ld /  Auckland
 Type B 92mm Mauri Brs & Thomson Ltd /  Auckland  (different sized writing to above)
 Type B 89mm Mauri Brs & Thomson Ltd /  Auckland
 Type D 86mm Midland Brewery  /  Palmerston Nth
 Type E 89mm Moffett & Co  /  Blank
 Type C/g 87mm Monteith’s  /  West Coast NZ.
 Type A 84mm NZ Breweries LTD.  / Auckland
 Type B 89mm N.Z. Breweries LTD  / N.Z.Breweries LTD
 Type D 87mm NZ Breweries LD  /  LionAle
 Type A 93mm N.Z. Breweries LTD  / Blank
 Type B 88mm N.Z. Breweries LTD  / blank
 Type B 88mm N.Z. Breweries Ltd  / ForFinest Ale & Stout
 Type C 91mm N.Z. Breweries LTD  / blank (but still has a recessed panel)
 Type E 90mm N.Z. Breweries. LTD  / Oat Malt Stout
 Type D 87mm Midland Brewery  /  Palmerston Nth
 Type E 99mm Phoenix A.W. CO. LTD  / blank
 Type E 91mm Powley & Co Ltd  / Powley& Co Ltd
 Type C 87mm Powley & Co Ltd.  / Powley& Co Ltd.
 Type F 91mm Quil Morris Ltd / Blank
 Type A 92mm R.Garden  /  Timaru
 Type B 88mm R.Powley & Co.  / Speight’s***Ale
 Type D 86mm Red Band Ale  / Red Band Ale
 Type D 87mm Reid’s Ale  / Reid’s Ale
 Type E 90mm Reid’s Ale  / Reid’s Ale
 Type E 78mm Reliance / same
 Type B 85mm Reliance / same
 Type E 98mm Rothmans Pall Mall  / Pall Mall Cigarettes
 Type B 92mm Sunshine  /  The BestAle
 Type B 83mm Thomsons  /  Thomsons  (Made in England on one side of head)
 Type A 76mm Thomsons  /  Crown Opener
 Type B 88mm Timaru Ale  /  TimaruStout
 Type D 91mm Timaru Ale  / Timaru Ale
 Type D 90mm Timaru Ales  /  &Stout
 Type C 89mm Trade XLO Mark  /  Westbury
 Type D 87mm Tui / Ale & Stout
 Type E 75mm Victoria Brewery / Blank
 Type F 90mm -< >- Wai Wai Ltd. -< >-  /   -< >- Wai Wai Ltd. -< >-
 Type B 85mm Wright & Co Ltd  / Kodo Drinks  (made in England on head)
 Type D 88mm Wright & CO  /  Christchurch