Novelty style
pressed metal bottle openers

Below you will see a varity of links to different types of
pressed metal bottle openers, these are all in my own
collection and these are just a few of what I have.

Whale advertises The Railway Hotel
Baseballer advertises the Aurora Hotel Adelaide
Tiger Head advertises Richmond Beer (famous in Victoria in the 40'& 50's)
Vintage Car 1911 advertising Essex Cars in Australia
Bottle advertising mens wear
Closed Fist advertising Tooheys Beer in Australia, 1930's RARE!!!!
Mermaid advertising Fosters Lager 1920's
Horse Head advertising K.B. Lager, 1920's
Fish Spinner advertising the Meninge Hotel
Ladies leg and Boot advertising "The store for Men"
Coca-Cola hand pointer spinner
Red Castle Beer  hand spinner   (from Western Australia)
Blue Star Beer
Cigar, bottle opener,boot hook all in one, very old !!!
Pepsi-Cola resealer 
Advertising mermaid
4 Advertising mermaids #1
4 Advertising mermaids #2
Hot Point Stoves and Electric Jug figural man RARE!!!!
Fleers Bubble Gum
Weird (brand) top hat reversable rabbit (unusual & old)
Coke x 3 all different
Coke opener from Asia
Drink Coke rubber sleaved opener from the 1960's in Australia
If you are interested in trading or just want to chat about
bottle openers please email me anytime.