Cleaning cast iron bottle openers

(at least the way I do it anyway!!!!)

WARNING !!!! acid is harmful to your skin
so make sure you have the correct
protection for your skin, try to use wire
to hang your openers on when putting them in acid

It is a harder than you think to clean the old cast iron openers.
I have tried liquid cleaners with steel wool, that wasn't very successful
as they rusted very quickly after that. I then tried a mixture of
molasses and water, that worked a little bit to well as it is very acidic
and tended to eat away the nickel finish on some, and if you left them
in too long you ended up with next to nothing.


From there I was running out of ideas, until a friend of mine told me
about an acid solution that he uses at work, it is called
ORTHOPHOSPHORIC  ACID (wear gloves)!!!!
it does not harm the openers either cast iron or pressed metal,
I also have found that it does not hurt painted items either.

So, the best process I have found is below using the following steps:

STEP 1: firstly , buy the acid, then get a piece of coat hanger wire and and thread it
                through the hole in the end of the opener.

STEP 2: secondly, submerge the opener in the acid for unto 10 -15 minutes
                (just keep your eye on it).

STEP 3: thirdly, when the rust and dirt is gone or you are happy within what it looks like
                wash it thoroughly with clean water and dry off.

STEP 4: fourthly, get an electric brass wire buff and lightly wire buff or wire brush the opener
                to get the residue from the acid off, and it should come up very clean.

STEP 5: FINAL STEP, spray the opener with a silicone spray, leave it for 20 minutes
                or so and wipe clean, it will then be clean from rust and look great.
STEP 5a You can use a soft cloth buffing wheel on a bench grinder and light wax it, as that
               will also give you a shiny finish

NOTE*** you do need to re-apply the silicone spray twice a year if you live in a humid climate.

This also works with pressed metal opener, but instead of using a wire buff or wire brush
I use 0000 (4 O) steel wool, it is so fine that it won't scratch. but wet the steel wool
with silver polish and apply it to the pressed metal opener, wait for it to dry and then buff with a soft cloth until shines like new!!!!