I started to collect any bottle openers originally, and THEN
as most collectors will know, you seem to get to the end
of a certain type of bottle opener and you go onto another type.
I have found the figural wall mounted and advertising openers
the most enjoyable to collect, as they are all different and look great.
So, below you will see most of my own collection of wall mounted
openers, which I have about 25 or so, they are quite hard to get
here in Australia, occassionally I have found one or two at the secondhand markets.
Just click on the small picture to open
it upto a larger size, I would also love to hear from any
other collector even just to chat, or for any suggestions !!!!!!
Thanks for looking, Paul !!!!
Remember that I have many spares and will

Coca-Cola, "STARR" 1925 from the USA

Seven Up "STARR X" from the USA

"STARR X" made in USA
More modern Budweiser King of Beers

Maker is Unknown ????
Crown Lager Rare Australian Beer Brass 

"STARR X" made in USA
SP (South Pacific) No1 Bia (Beer)

Maker is Unknown
Has Registered number on either side

Brown Mfg Co. Newport NewsVA
Has #106 Made in USA on back

Bought In Australia
Newell is written underneath the opener,
it is the same shape as the old 1925 
"STARR" X opener that is above.

3 generic different openers

Shelley's softdrinks, Australia.

Neverchip wall opener, made of tin.

Open bottle here, This is a "STARR X"
opener from the USA.

Selection of wall mounted openers, including from row to row
1st : is a cast brass Shelley
2nd is a pair of false teeth  opener 
3rd is a pressed metal Enjoy Coca-Cola opener. 
4th is a cast alloy figural face these I have been told are only a relatively modern item.
5th is an original clown faced opener, these have been found to have been attached
to soda vending machines. 
6th is a Bear's head figural opener, it is a reproduction from the USA. 
7th is a reproduction of the clown's face. 
8th this one is the same as the 2nd one. 
9th this one is the same as the 2nd one.
10th Pepsi Cola wall mount, this one is original. Larger writing. 
11th reproduction Bulldog wall opener, still quite interesting.
12th one of my favouites, a Top Hat ugly faced man. 
13th is a reproduction blackman opener.
14th original double eyed man with moustache. 
15th reproduction lady 4eyes, still interesting to display. 
16th Pictured to the right

A.C.F. written on the front of it, this stands for Australian Comforts Fund, which was a War time fund raising company, similar to the Red Cross Society. 

Brass Australian opener with a picture of a shell with the letter "E" in the center, this stands for Shelley's, which was a softdrink in New South Wales. Very Rare
only 3 have turned up.

Beautifully decorated solid brass
wall mounted opener, no markings.

Cast iron bottle opener and resealer,
no markings.

Simpsons , is believed to be an Australian soft drink company

Drink Passiona, this is a very Rare 
Australian softdrink opener.

Pair of 1930's and 1940's Pepsi openers from Australia, note there is no "STARR X" markings.

Very Rare Australian softdink company
Shelley's, this is only a few of the cast 
iron types that I have seen.

"STARR X" 1950's Drink Coca-Cola.

Cheap reproduction of Coke opener.

Cottee's softdrink company, I have never seen a cast iron version from this comapny, as this is made from tin. 

Progressus cast alloy W. Germany on back.

Grand Prize Lager Beer
from the United States