Milk Cast Iron Bottle Openers

I have been asked by alot of people about Milk Company names on cast iron bottle openers.
So I have gone through my openers and found about 31 different types and sizes.
I will be over the following weeks adding pictures for you to see,
but in the meantime all of them are listed below.

Type E  75mm   B.C.S. Dairy same
Type E  90mm   Buy Cheshire Better Milk
Type H  91mm   Buy Cheshire Better Milk
Type E  99mm   Buy Cheshire Sterilized Milk
Type E  89mm   Cheshire Milk Stassanized           (rare shape)
Type E  90mm   Co – Operative same
Type E  90mm   CO - OP Milk is Best same
Type H 90mm   CO - OP Milk is Best  same
Type F 77mm   C.P. Milk same
Type E 98mm   > Crown Cork < Sterilised Milk Co
Type I  94mm   “Dacro” . Opener .       (registered numbers)
Type I  95mm   “Dacro” > Opener <     (registered numbers)
Type I  97mm   “Dacro” > Opener <     (has no tit on head)
Type I  99mm   “Dacro” > Opener <     (no registered numbers)
Type I  94mm   “Dacro” -Opener -        (registered numbers)
Type H 90mm  Dobsons Dairies same
Type I  97mm   Harding’s Dairies
Type E 90mm   L.H.D. Milk same
Type F 77mm   L.H.D. Milk same
Type E 75mm   M.C.D. Milk same
Type E 90mm   Manchester City Dairies
Type F 91mm   Meadowland same
Type E 98mm   Midland Counties > Dairy Ltd <
Type  G 91mm    Morecambe Direct Supply
Type H 90mm   Reece’s Milk Reece’s Cream
Type E 90mm   Rose Brand > Clean Milk <
Type E 77mm   Stapleton’s Clean Milk
Type E 91mm   > Stapleton’s < > Clean Milk <
Type E 90mm   > Stapletons < > Clean Milk <   (different shaped head)
Type C 98mm   Stockport Co – Op. > Clean Milk <
Type A 87mm   The Crown Cork Sterilized Milk
Type H 92mm   “ Three in One “ same   (no registered # ,has cap lifter instead)
Type H 92mm   “ Three in One “  same   (Rd 702661)
Type H 92mm   W.U.D. LTD Moonraker  (Rd 702661)
Type E 99mm   Walker & Wickens Sterilized Milk
Type E 98mm   Walkers Dairies > Liverpool <
Type H 92mm   Walkers Dairies > Liverpool <
Type E 90mm   Palatine Dairies
Type C 120mm New Haven Dairy Safe Milk