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In Brisbane, Australia it is:



One Thousand, Three Hundred & Fifty Seven (7nd MARCH, 2007)

My name is Paul Widdup and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have been collecting cast iron bottle openers since 1991, It all started when I joined the Queensland Beer Can Collectors Club. As I didn't collect beer cans or tap tops, I was a bit on the outer, so a friend mentioned bottle openers, well that was the end of my free time, openers came from everywhere, flea markets, opportunity shops, garage sales and even from some off the relatives. As you will see, I have branched out into figural types of openers and pressed flat figural steel openers, have fun looking.

Above are three interesting openers, first is the RARE Allbright Tomson & Wotton LTD , next is a pressed metal vintage car dated 1911 that advertises Essex Cars and the third is a 1910-1915 nude figural lady. All I consider to be Rare.!!!


Below is a series of links that will take you names of bottle openers that start with
the letter that you click onto, I have linked some to pictures for you to view.
If there is any others that you wish to view, I can send you a picture.
They are in alphabetical order .

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My Latest Cast Iron Bottle Openers

I have had alot of people that ask me where does this brand of opener come from ??
SO, I have made up 3 more Country pages,
New Zealand Australia United Kingdom

Click the links here to go to each individual page for that category.

Cast Iron Milk Bottle Openers From England (mostly)
Category of opener types
History of cast iron bottle openers
Pressed metal novelty and figural openers
Nude Figural openers
Wall mounted openers (good selection)
Guinness cast iron openers
Coca-Cola cast iron and pressed metal openers
Corkscrews, can openers and oddities !!
United States cast iron openers
Pepsi Cola cast iron and metal openers
Schweppes cast iron and metal openers
Cleaning bottle openers (at least the way I do it)
Modern twist top openers

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