Below is the List of Openers I have
that start from U - Z

Click on the links to see some of the pictures.
I will always TRADE!!!! forcast iron openers.

Example : Van Roy is written on one side & / Weize is written on the other

Type A 79mm  H B Beer  /  (asian writing)
Type E 99mm   Uganda Breweries LTD  /  Bell Lager Brand
Type C 90mm   UseDeeleys Castings Bloxwich / Phone Bloxwich 76898/9    (hand shape)
Type C 85mm   Ushers Ales / Trowbridge   (Spirits / Wines on head)
Type E  89mm   Ushers  / Is a Better Beer (has curved tongue)
Type E 90mm  "Usher's"  /  Is a Better Beer (has an angled tongue)
Type C 85mm   Ushers/ same
Type J 94mm   USLand HCD     (this is a resealer)  (chuncky!!!)

Type F 91mm   V.C. Ale & Stout  /  same
Type E 98mm   ValleysB. & M. Co  /  Ebbw Vale P.O. 24
Type E 90mm   VanRoy  /  Weize  (Weize is sloped on a 45 degree angle)
Type D 76mm   Vaux  /  same
Type C2 87mm   Vauxs Stout / Sunderland
Type B 91mm   Vichy  /  Celestins
Type B 92mm   Vichy Etat / same
Type B 92mm   Vichy Etat / same   (left & right a handed)
Type D2 88mm   Vichy Etat / Vichy Etat  (left and right handed)
Type E 75mm   Villa/ Sunderland
Type G 91mm   > Villa < / Sunderland
Type F 77mm   Vi Tonica  /  Vi Malto    (Rd # on  one side only)
Type C2  87mm  "Vi- Malto"  /  " Vi - Tonica "
Type B  74mm    "Vi - Malto"  /  " Vi - Tonica "
Type B  82mm  Vittel  /  GDE Source
Type B  83mm  Vittel  /  GDE Source (different sized letters)
Type  ?? 113mm  V&ndash; TEX- 555  /  Steel  &ndash; 555  (has icepick type end??UNUSUAL !!!)
Type B 87mm   Victoria Brewery  /  balnk  (from New Zealand)

Type C 86mm   W B Reid & Co / same
Type E 90mm   W.J. Bush & Co  /  Essences
Type E 99mm   W.m.Younger's Ale /  same
Type C 98mm   W.m.Younger's Ale /  same
Type B 90mm   W. Plowman & Sons L  /  Napier  (from New Zealand)
Type I 94mm   W.U.D.Ltd  /  Moonraker
Type C 86mm   W.Y.& Co Ltd  /  Edinburgh
Type E 90mm   W.Y.& Co Ltd  /  Edinburgh
Type E 98mm   Waarloos  /  > Maes <
Type E 98mm   Waarloos  /   Maes
Type F 91mm   Wadworth & Co Ltd  /  same
Type D 91mm   Wadworth & Co Ltd  /  same
Type F 90mm   -<  Wai Wai  >- Ltd  /  Same
Type A 118mm  Waldorf  /  Ale & Lager  (has can piercer on one end)
Type E 99mm   - Walker -  /  Warrington
Type H 90mm   Walker& Wickens / Sterilized Milk
Type E 98mm   Walkers Dairies / > Liverpool <
Type H 92mm   Walkers Dairies / > Liverpool <
TypeA  90mm  Walkerville  /  Beer  (very rare Australian Brewery)
Type A 76mm   Wallis /  Crown Corks
Type C 85mm   Ward & Sons / Swinton
Type G 91mm   -Warwicks-  /  -Newark-
Type E 89mm   - Warwicks - / - Newark -
Type G 91mm   Warrigul  /  Xtra Drinks
Type C 97mm   Watson's ©  /  (Asian Writing)
Type G 91mm   Weilmans  /  same (no Rd# it has # 02.444940 instead on both sides)
Type D 88mm   Wepion  /  Suary
Type D  87mm  Wertha Beer  /  same  (cast alloy, but very old)
Type C 85mm   WestCountry / same
Type A 86mm   WestEnd  /  same  (nickel plated)
Type A 86mm   WestEnd / same
Type A 90mm   WestEnd / same
Type A 88mm    West End  / same
Type E 90mm   Westmalle  /  Trappist
Type G 91mm  Westmalle  /  Trappist
Type G 91mm   Whitbread  /  Ales & Stout
Type F 91mm   Whitbread  /  -Stout-
Type F 90mm   Whitbread  /  - Stout (different shaped head to above)
Type D 88mm  Whitbread  /  Stout
Type D2 86mm   Whitbreads  /  same
Type D 90mm   Whitbreads  /  8 Stout 8
Type E 98mm   Whitestar Brewery / same
Type C 82mm   Whiteways  /  Cyder
Type C ?? 114mm  WiedmannST Louis CigarBox Co
Type D 87mm  Wieleamans  / same        (the spelling is correct)
Type E  90mm  Wightwick Manor  /  National Trust
Type G 91mm   Wilderspoon / Ales & Stout
Type E 77mm   Wilkinsons / Table Waters
Type C 112mm   WilsonSuper  /  same  (bottle shaped opener) RARE!!!
Type D 84mm   Wilson/ Aligarh
Type D  96mm  Wilson - 500  /  same
Type A 92mm   Wolfes Schnapps / same
Type B 87mm   Wolverhampton / W. Butler & Co Ld   (3mm writing)
Type B 88mm   Wolverhampton / W. Butler & Co Ltd   (5mm writing)
Type E 90mm   Wolverhampton / W. Butler & Co LTD.
Type E 90mm   Wolverhampton  /  985-1985
Type E 75mm   Woodies/ Drinks
Type R 89mm WoodiesDrinks (RARE!!!! resealer)
Type G 91mm   Woodroofes / Quality Drinks
Type G 91mm   Woodroofes / Quality Drinks   (Rd # on Quality drinks side)
Type G 90mm   Woodroofes / Quality Drinks   (Rd # on Woodroofes side)
Type E 99mm   Workington Brewery / > John Peel <
Type E 99mm   Workington Brewery /  John Peel
Type E 75mm   Wrekin  /  same
Type C 85mm   Wrekin  /  same
Type E 90mm   Wrexham Lager  /  same
Type B 85mm   Wright& Co Ltd  /  Kodo Drinks  (made in England on head)
Type D 88mm   Wright& CO  /  Christchurch
Type C 87mm   Wright's  /  Perth Ale
Type A 85mm   Wright's Perth / Ales & Stout
Type B 85mm   Wurtzer  /  People's

Type E 89mm   Y.C.& Y. LTD  /  same
Type E 90mm   York M.W. Co.  /  Brentford
Type E 90mm   York Wine &  /   Spirit   Co. Ltd.
Type E 90mm   Young'sBeers  /  same
Type 102mm   Younger'sNo1 Alloa  /  Don'tGo Dry, No1
Type E 91mm   X .York . X  /  . Brentford .

Type D  86mm  ZHB - Den Haag  /  same
Type B 81mm   ZollersBeer  /  same